Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sometimes I see people and see similarities between them and other people I know, I'll say "Hey he looks like George Lucas!" or "She looks like Rowan Atkinson! Ugh..." and people will respond with something along the lines of "Whatever." or "No she doesn't... dare you to tell her. (Those examples both actually happened, and nobody told her.) Nobody seems to agree with my comparisons, I always feel amazed that nobody can see it. So tell me, am I crazy, or does Bear Grylls kind of look like Tim Allen from 20 years ago?I guess it's mainly the eyes that make me think they look similar, but nobody agrees with me normally, so I'm ready to be told I'm wrong. They are both good at surviving too, Bear Grylls survives incredible situations out in the wild, and Tim Allen somehow managed to survive 3 whole Santa Clause movies.

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