Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Spectacular Vernacular: Astute

I used to love the word after a discussion with That Lady and Karen about it, and how they didn’t know what it meant, but between the three of us we pieced together a meaning. I remembered it after they used the word a lot in stage 3 of le tour, which was awesome, massive breakaway with 20kms to go. The commentators kept saying how astute the riders in the breakaway had been to make use of the wind to get a good gap. They also used the word in stage 5 after Voeckler won the stage by 7 seconds. This word does share a lot with destitute, I liked this one first, I just remembered destitute first. I pretty much like them both because they sound rad, but I also like the meaning and obscurity of this one. Astute refers to a person or an action which is shrewd, or of good judgement. I guess that since shrewd can be good or bad cleverness astute is used just to describe the good type of shrewdness. It is often used when people make intelligent decisions quickly as opposed to planned actions.


I made this picture, It wasn't supposed to look like anything in particular to begin with, but it ended up better than I expected looking like a fox running through a hilly countryside area. I pretty much just wanted to do something to say 'this is what I think being on drugs would look like'. Hallucinogens obviously. I don't often feel artistic in this manner, so I enjoy it when it turns out well. Ima try and get some photos I took on my phone onto this site, it might take a while though.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I’m writing my resume at the moment, I got a guide for writing a resume cause I haven’t done it properly before. They all focus on previous employment, I haven’t been employed previously though. I’ve been told that a good place to start is to do a course for responsible service of alcohol. Ima work in a pub, I’ll make everyone call me barkeep! It’ll be rad! I’ll probably still apply at various retail places as well. It’s kind of lame that I’m just applying for my first job and my younger siblings are too. In fact Kate’s already applied for things ahead of me. Dang.

After the 6th stage of Le Tour I decided I’d go home before everyone went to bed/home, as I left I said ‘Cancellara’ and everyone thought I said ‘Catch you later’ I think. I hope they did anyway.

My sell-out move has been going great guns, I’ve earned $8! Maybe I won’t need to get a real job after all... or maybe I will. I tried to change the way the ad looked, but it didn’t seem to work. Meh, commercialism is enough work as it is without having to actually put effort into it.

I just had a thought of a robot monkey, that’d be way rad! It’d make me redundant though

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Spectacular Vernacular: Zounds

I’ve liked this word since studying ‘Othello’, but my interest was stimulated again recently by the movie ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’. It was my second favourite thing they said in Othello, first being ‘they’re making the beast with two backs’, it’s a great way to talk about adult things and have kids not have any clue what you’re on about. It was also my second favourite thing in ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’, the first of that being ‘Sink me’. Zounds was a swear word and a contraction of God’s wounds. This has been explained in two ways, first it’s blasphemous to say that God could have wounds, or it’s referring to Jesus and the wounds that were inflicted on him for our sins. Whichever one it is people don’t use it now and probably wouldn’t be offended by it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My spectacular vernacular: destitute

I want to introduce some continuity to this thing, thus I'm going to have a discussion about words that I like and wish to use more often. Today I'm liking destitute (dĕs'tĭ-tūt',-tyūt'). It's very much a whimsical thing, but I find the word appealing. Probably all the words I'll say in this will not have any real reasons for liking them, they'll just sound cool. Destitute basically means lacking, many people think it only applies to lack of money apparently, but that's not the case. I think it can be applied in relation to a lack of anything, so I have an Ivory umbrella stand destitution... I’ll have to do something about that.
There you have it, that's the first word that I've been enjoying lately, there should be more a'coming.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There are more fools in the world than there are people.

Last night after the awesome third stage of Le Tour there was a lot of ice on car windscreens. The others who were driving spent time removing ice from their cars, using the heater and an old CD. I decided to just drive home with my head out the window. In retrospect it wasn’t my wisest choice... It was fun though. I had to have the window open on the other side so that when I was turning left so I could see where I was going. Cold temperatures and high speeds tend to lead to cold faces, it’s a harsh consequence for such an early hour.

This morning I slept in awesome, it was 11.30 when I woke up. I would’ve slept longer probably but the phone was ringing incessantly. It was mum, she wanted me to bring a dish to the school. I went straight away, and felt unsafe on the road. I hate driving when I’m tired. When I got to the school I realised it was recess time, and as I climbed out of my car the teenagers all started talking to me at once. Some of them recognised me from the time when I was present at the school, particularly from when I dressed up as a Neo-Nazi for my year 12 assembly, yelling ‘Achtung!’ at me, as my only lines in the act had been to yell that to make everyone listen to the more ‘important’ lines. One person started saying ‘Hey Jesus, Jesus, over here! Show me your hands! Fix my water for me, I’m having a party!’ There was a lot of expletives scattered throughout the list of things he said. I got the feeling that he had grown up in a Christian home, but thought other things were right. It still tickled me pink to be compared to Jesus, the kid may have thought I was insulted, but I was far from it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The more things change, the more they remain... insane

Every time I’m away from home for any substantial period of time I always assume on my return that everything will have changed drastically, but everything remains, invariably the same. It’s when I’m at home and not expecting change that it always seems to happen. I only just noticed that they’ve put a new chicken shop into the local super market, I had thought there was still a bakery where the chicken place now is. I have no idea how long it’s been there, the main problem being how infrequently I go shopping, and how little attention I pay to the shops when I go shopping, as it’s usually nearly closing time when I turn up. I have also considered the possibility that I have noticed the change but forgotten it, multiple times, next time I go shopping I may forget that the chicken shop is there again. This train of thought leads me to a fight club-esque scenario playing out in my head whereby I go shopping a lot without realising, because it’s the other person in my head who is shopping. I wouldn’t like to be called Tyler though, so I’m feeling pretty safe in that respect.

I noticed today that there are a lot of weeds in my back yard which are quite firmly established, they have definitely been growing for at least a couple weeks, but I’m only just noticing. I’m not likely to do anything about them such as removing them or poisoning them, I kinda like the lush green they add to the garden. Maybe I’ll use them to feed animals next time my family is out of town instead of paying for pet food. I’m sure Kate’s guinea pig will be fine with that, and Toby’s budgie will take it as a supplement for its diet, not a replacement, but the cat... not likely. Last time my family went to Queensland the cat ran out of food and I gave it my leftovers, mostly chicken which I constantly over catered for myself. Since then the cat’s interest in food has risen above dry food and she waits til after dinner to be sure she can’t get anything better, she often does get something better. I just thought I was getting off topic, but that was about change, and this is about changing subjects so it’s fine.

I’m going to change from writing to sleeping. Yeah, that’ll work good.