Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time of your life

This morning I woke up at 7.50 am, looked at my watch and thought it was 9.40. Clearly that was when I was supposed to wake up because I went back to bed and woke up at 9.50! It's a much more sensible time to wake up. Now I have to deal with some DRM issues and then I might even do some study. Wouldn't see me doing that at 7.50, uh uh.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I went to Queensland for a week. First the Gold Coast then Brisvegas for a while. It was a lot of fun, I probably liked the buses more than I should have though...

Monday, October 11, 2010

VW is a little bit puzzled

Not long ago my car must have gotten cold, as I found it wrapped in plastic wrap on a monday morning. I found out who played this hilarious and witty prank quite easily, and heard quite a funny story about the deed. Apparently there was a number of people involved in the deed and whilst they were still at it a guy on a motorbike drove past. Since my car sits right underneath a streetlight the pranksters were very visible, so they decided to hide in the garden... except for one of the girls involved who hid behind my car. The guy on the motorbike saw her and started asking questions, but one of the guys involved came to her rescue saying it was a friend's car (perhaps not anymore) so it was fine. Well, other than forcing me to miss a lecture on monday morning it was fine. I decided to get some revenge on one of the girls involved la
st night.

I'm not sure how well she took it, but I had fun doing it. I've heard that her mother thought her boyfriend was responsible, which I found hilarious.

Well, tomorrow morning I'm going up to the Gold Coast, so that should be rad.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Offending strangers

I went on Omegle and eventually had this fun conversation:

Stranger: hi
You: I will eat your kitten's balls if you say asl!
You: sorry
You: it had to be said
Stranger: if that would mean that youd buy me one, id be okay with it :P
Stranger: how are you today, anyway?
You: What type of kitten do you want?
Stranger: a black one, would be nice
You: And I'm a little tired of repetitive conversations, you?
Stranger: cant you buy a female kitten so that there arent any to bite off? it would save you a lot of trouble
You: that wouldn't be very threatening though would it?
Stranger: no, but it would be very nice of you :)
You: I will do nothing to your female kitten!!!
You: Better not cross me!
Stranger: it comes across a lot more psychotic than the biting-balls-off-thingie
You: More?!
Stranger: yes, much more
Stranger: because it sounds much more insane
You: I don't understand how that works
Stranger: you should remember that for the future
You: I'll try it next time
Stranger: if you say: ill bite your kittens balls off and so on, im just afraid
You: That's why I apologise straight after
Stranger: but if you say "ill not do anything, harr harr", im more frightened because i dont know what to expect
Stranger: how many kittens balls have you bitten off, after all?
You: Loads
You: I eat dim sim all the time
Stranger: you are a very bad, bad person
You: I take that as a compliment
Stranger: okay :)
You: So thank you
Stranger: youre welcome

Then the stranger disconnected. Stranger; I'm not really like that, I was just irritated by the previous bunch of boring conversations. The next person was interesting too:

You: I will do nothing to your female kitten!!!
Stranger: heyheyhey
You: Does that sound threatening to you?
Stranger: ok good, she is giving birth now anyways
Stranger: yes it does
You: Wow
You: Last stranger said it would be
You: I didn't believe them
Stranger: oh, do you believe me?
You: Yeah
You: Two separate sources of information works for me
Stranger: good! bananas!
You: verification
You: bananas?
Stranger: so whats with you alien?
You: I'm only an alien if I'm not on earth anymore
Stranger: are u on earth?
You: Do you ever sing the Gwen Stefani song when you write the word bananas?
You: I believe I am on earth
You: I could be mistaken
Stranger: i do!
Stranger: b a n a n a s!
You: It's the only part of the song I know
You: Who said pop culture can't be educational?
Stranger: ha
Stranger: s o l o
You: There's also a song from the show Arthur that taught me to spell Aardvark
Stranger: i didnt know that!
You: It's a way rad show, you should watch it for sure
Stranger: iv watched it before!
You: Ah ok
You: sorry
Stranger: i prefer little bill
Stranger: haha
Stranger: or elmo
Stranger: thats very educational too
You: Elmo is educational
Stranger: and dora. it helps me with spanish class
You: Dora is also good for the lead based paints
Stranger: yes, stupid chineese people trying to poisen our children
You: Hmm, that's probably irony there
You: I'm not sure anymore
Stranger: i have no clue
You: Too many conflicting ideas about what irony is
Stranger: i completely agree! anot like foreshadowing
You: Foreshadowing?
Stranger: like in english
You: I must have been distracted when they taught that one
Stranger: oh, its ok. i inly know it cuz we just learnedd it
You: They need a song to teach about foreshadowing
Stranger: i know! so much easyer
You: let's not get alanis morissette to sing it though
You: She's responsible for my confusion about irony
Stranger: no! too confusing then
You: Can you explain foreshadowing to me? It's ok if you can't/don't want to.
Stranger: its like irony
Stranger: like when in the beggining of the book when a kid says my mom would kill me if i get a bad grade, its like a hint later on that the kids gunna get a bad grade
Stranger: but i gtg
You: Oh
You: that was more obvious than I expected
You: K thanks for chats

I kind of felt stupid at the end there, I totally know what foreshadowing is, only it's past 3.00 am.

Rick K and the All Nighters

We were talking about the awesome drummer Steve Moore from the Vegas band Rick K and the All Nighters a little while ago, so I decided to put some videos up of them. The drummer really is awesome, if I ever learn to drum I want to be like him.

I did a beer and Bear while they were being uploaded, it feels pretty awesome to be able to just grab something tasty and sitting back whilst Bear Grylls struggles to get something that would taste filthy.