Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Any investors?

Frostbottom says:
this holiday is far too peaceful
Luke says:
not peaceful here
I bought Them Crooked Vultures
Frostbottom says: opposed to all those parallel ones?
Luke says:
the self titled album
Frostbottom says:
any good?
Luke says:
yeah, it's sweet hot
Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones
Frostbottom says:
Dave grohl? nice
Luke says:
So that's basically Nirvana/Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Led Zeppelin all represented in one band
Frostbottom says:
Luke says:
It's mostly just
Queens of the Stone Age music though
Frostbottom says:
sounds good
Luke says:
I've been listening to it all day
Frostbottom says:
im sure your driving everyone else insane
Luke says:
Frostbottom says:
...for some reason i really feel the urge to go to a pub
probably some sort of raging alcoholism
Luke says:
Frostbottom says:
but most likely thirst
Luke says:
hmm I'd say it's a mental obsession
Frostbottom says:
Luke says:
I'd invite you over here, but my parents like sleep and stuff
Frostbottom says:
sleep is for the weak
Luke says:
I'm trying to get into the best sleep pattern, four blocks of half an hour of sleep per day
Frostbottom says:
ah yes, i've heard of that
Luke says:
the best thing is after a while you end up more rested than everyone else
you get two hours of REM sleep, instead of one and a half
Frostbottom says:
spend all that time drawing on the sleepers faces
Luke says:
I'll become awesome at art
Frostbottom says:
a new career path
Luke says:
I'll make a webcomic of sleeping people face art
Frostbottom says:
you'll get a late night tv show
the face of art
art attack, facefull of money
Luke says:
If I use permanant marker people will eventually show up on antiques road show asking how much their face is worth
Frostbottom says:
for generations to come, people will whisper the tale of the midnight marker
Luke says:
cheap imitations will crop up
people will know better though
The midnight marker did not deal in smut
Frostbottom says:
they will be known as biros
Luke says:
I could even find that girl who fell asleep at the tattoo parlour and add more stars
Frostbottom says:
Luke says:
I'll be a ninja tattoo artist
Frostbottom says:
you'll be at war with the sticker pirates
Luke says:
Their secret move is to get those apple sticker onto people
They cause friendships to crumble as one person holding an apple is blamed for the sticker on the other person
Frostbottom says:
brother turns on brother and blood is spilt on the streets, all the while the nefarious sticker pirates profit from the violence in order to bling their sticker pads
this could be a movie
i would see this movie
Luke says:
A war where the opposite sides never actually see each other, they just start by tagging the same person
then they escalate the tagging
The pirates got obama, we need to get the queen
Frostbottom says:
half tattoo half sticker...all vengence
Luke says:
One man has become a ninja and a pirate, he is a master of both crafts
Frostbottom says:
actually this is sort of sounding like that underworld movie
except more serious
Luke says:
ok, the ninja pirate retires early and spends his time engraving watches
so both factions endeaver to get him out of retirement
Frostbottom says:
does he hide one up his ass
Luke says:
he engraves them in his ass
Frostbottom says:
Luke says:
the most talented ever
he resists them at first, but soon a new threat emerges
knitting nazis
Frostbottom says:
Luke says:
He works for the pirates and the ninjas to eradicate the nazis, in the process picking up some knitting skills (what a gaybo)
He then decides that the ninjas and pirates are too dangerous
he goes about at first using their own powers against them, but then discovers that they are weak against an ass engraving to the face
The movie ends as he finally gets home
he goes to his front porch to sit on the rocking chair
Frostbottom says:
walks into the sunset, sad music playing
Luke says:
he discovers it's too painful to sit down, his powers are great, but they tax his body
it's a cautionary tale
Frostbottom says:
of course
something about being yourself or somesuch
don't do drugs
Luke says:
as the audience ponders this important message the credits roll
then a viking appears from the waters

Frostbottom says:
Luke says:
but it's got an opening for a sequel
Frostbottom says:
the hero from the last one, need to train up a hot headed rookie, fresh off the force
Luke says:
If only Will Smith was younger
Frostbottom says:
could get keanu reeves to play fence post #12 or oak tree #42
Luke says:
His greatest role yet
most suited to him at least
Robert Downey Jr can play a cloud
Frostbottom says:
he's gunna have to earn that role
Luke says:
he's already high as a kite, no string work needed
Hmm, For the first movie the hero should probably be played by Johnny Depp or something, in the sequel he should be played by Sir Ian McKellen. It should also not be explained how the vikings rose to power and why the hero from the first movie didn't do anything about it for 50 years of their rule.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"lol" should be redefined as "Lack of laughter."

It's original definition was "Laughing out loud" (also written occasionally as "Lots of Laughs"), used as a brief acronym to denote great amusement in chat conversations.

Now, it is overused to the point where nobody laughs out loud when they say it.
The list of its meanings includes, but is not limited to:
1) "I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this conversation."
2) "I'm too lazy to read what you just wrote so I'm typing something useless in hopes that you'll think I'm still paying attention."
3) "Your statement lacks even the vaguest trace of humor but I'll pretend I'm amused."
4) "This is a pointless acronym I'm sticking in my sentence just because it's become so engraved into my mind that when chatting, I MUST use the meaningless sentence-filler 'lol.'"

That's all from urban dictionary, clearly someone else is having similar feelings about the term 'lol' to me. I think that it is overused andit is becoming meaningless. It's also very bland really, laugh out loud is such an obvious statement. I vote it gets changed to 'APOL' which will stand for A Paroxysm Of Laughter. It's a bit more intelligent and will hopefully lead to people properly communicating their emotions through a variety of examples of the English language. It's going to be a transitional thing looking forward to a time of better vocabulary. The spirit of the English language came to me in a dream, it wants me to avenge its death. Onwards I go!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Television has raised writing to a new low.

Sometimes TV is awesome. I saw two ads in consecutive order, first a government ad proclaiming the dangers of gambling, then a bet 24/7 ad. If I gamble enough I could win a car, but then my friends are going to hate me because I'm not going to do anything with them anymore.

Also, I really quite want to see the new Coen Brothers movie. Based loosely on the book of Job from the Bible it combines Coen brother awesomeness and the Bible, albeit just as a Jewish thing, but it's good enough to make me think it'll be a good movie. I love a good picture show.

Also also, KFC ads are still terrible.

Finally, Mikey and I are learning 'The Distance'. We're heaps good musicians. Or might be sometime in the future...

I said that was finally so off I go.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar

It's currently Movember, the time when men promote men's health by being real men. This is really the main reason I've started posting stuff here again after months of silence, I wanted to talk about why I'm not going for the conventional thing in regard to movember. I figured since I grow facial hair all the time it would be kind of pointless to grow a moustache for movember, so instead I decided to start styling my hair in a slight mohawk, but I haven't been bothered raising money for charity, probably wouldn't count anyway, so I'm giving up on it.

On an unrelated note, whoever designed the lock for DVD cases: You will rue the day you ever worked with plastics!

My Spectacular Vernacular: Rapacious, Voracious & Avaricious

Rapacious, Voracious & Avaricious: they all mean greedy, and they greedily have multiple awesome words meaning the same thing... I don’t think any more needs to be said about them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The strangely strange stranger on Omegle

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: 1 naturo bar counts as 1 portion of your recommended daily 5 portions of fruit and veg
Stranger: hi
Stranger: yeah?
You: i just read that
Stranger: i get my fruits and veg otherwise
Stranger: bar
Stranger: oh
Stranger: i dont need some crazy
You: it seems odd to me
Stranger: naturo?
Stranger: dangerously close to naruto
You: that's why i bought it
Stranger: hahaha.
Stranger: it's proably just like
Stranger: a bar
Stranger: made of rubber
Stranger: and vitamins
Stranger: i dunno.
Stranger: what does it consist of
You: i just ate it
Stranger: verdict?
You: it does taste like rubber
Stranger: mmmmmmm
You: i'm throwing the rest out
Stranger: good idea
Stranger: i don't trust any food these days
Stranger: everythings poisoned or preserved or...
Stranger: just
Stranger: fucked.
You: yeah
Stranger: better than food elsewhere though i shouldnt be complaining, but still, shit gives you cancer.
You: I'm going to have to become an oxygenarian
You: actually...
Stranger: whats that?
You: I hear oxygen causes ageing
You: can't do that
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: i heard that too.
You: oxygenarian is like vegetarian, but no vegetables...
Stranger: oxygen isn't like
Stranger: great for you
Stranger: it what makes your body slowly deteriorate
Stranger: but its also what keeps you alive so it's like
Stranger: two edged i guess
Stranger: ohhh i see
You: hmm
Stranger: having an oxygen bar would be good times, but i wouldnt do it
You: gotta way up ageing against not living
Stranger: unless i needed it
Stranger: gotta find a way to live forever
Stranger: i'd live forever if i knew how to
You: weigh, obviously there
Stranger: despite all the shit and boredom i'd go through
Stranger: i'd be willing to endure it all.
You: i don't think I wanna live past 70 or 80
You: somewhere round there
Stranger: if i didn't age
Stranger: and at age 100 i looked and felt like, 20
Stranger: i'd be fine
You: true
Stranger: and just didn't age
Stranger: but then that would get like
Stranger: fishy
Stranger: and you'd be very lonely
Stranger: when people are like "why don't you age lol?"
You: I might make about 200 in that case
You: then get sick of it
Stranger: you'd learn so much shit
Stranger: yeah. i'd probably get bored or addicted to some kinda drug or something
You: probably OD eventually
You: might be for the best...
You: i've never experienced death or over dosing, so I'm not sure
Stranger: even if it was possible to live forever... you wouldnt want everyone living forever anyways. it would just destroy your resources. just maybe like. incredibly smart people
Stranger: meh, it's not really the experience of it
Stranger: it's the result of it
You: true enough
You: Would culling the stupid mean that the IQ would permanantly rise?
Stranger: i guess so.
You: I think in a social evolution way, but not a biological one
Stranger: just because theyre smart though doesnt necessarily make them logical
Stranger: they might be like mad scientist types though
Stranger: i dunno
Stranger: why would we need to biologically evolve anymore when we already have everything made for the way we are?
You: well, if you were choosing who to keep would you keep those with logic, or book smarts?
Stranger: except pinky toes are slowly getting less and less prominent
You: I guess and really?
You: I hadn't noticed
Stranger: and yeah, social evolution is all thats left pretty much.
Stranger: i dunno, you need a combo of both
Stranger: to feed off eachother
You: I guess so
Stranger: and yeah well, that's what i hear anyways. about the toes
Stranger: cause we drive everywhere and have shoes and idk
Stranger: dont really need em
Stranger: for walking nowadays
Stranger: and i swear fingernails are getting smaller but maybe thats just me
You: hmm
You: I think I'd try to get a percentage of logical thinkers and a percentage of informationally rich people
You: like 20% book smarts and 80% logical thinkers
You: the ones with the facts would then teach the logical ones, who would then process that information to create a better world or something
You: or make more nasal sprays for better erections
Stranger: ahahah.
Stranger: better erections = better world
You: one and the same
Stranger: but yeah, i think you're right
You: time to take over the world then
Stranger: logical thinkers could do something crazy though and like power monger
You: hmm
Stranger: because they hate the world because they know too much
You: I need to keep the physically weak
Stranger: and do it for the people hahaha
Stranger: just make them smoke a ton of weed and then they'll start loving life
You: seems to be a good, yet completely different scenario
Stranger: do you smoke pot?
You: no
You: I would if I could though
You: I hear it's reasonably fun
Stranger: oh
Stranger: yeah it's fun
Stranger: opens your eyes to a lot of shit too
Stranger: i know that sounds stupid
Stranger: but it just makes you more... aware
Stranger: of things that you weren't before
Stranger: it's interesting.
You: aware of what?
Stranger: just things.
Stranger: like
Stranger: body language
Stranger: that people overlook
Stranger: little things
You: ah
Stranger: processing of things
Stranger: the "big picture"
Stranger: creative ideas.
Stranger: it also makes music like 50x better
You: I had heard that
You: That's the main reason I'd try it
Stranger: it doesnt "change your life" or anything
Stranger: it's just nice to chill out with at the end of a long fuckign day
Stranger: makes you feel better.
Stranger: if you smoke it all the time you just feel like shit anyways
You: I guess I kinda find that with beer
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: plus marijuana is healthier in comparasin to alcohol
Stranger: alcohol will do all kinds of crap to your body and mind permanently
Stranger: at most smoking weed, the smoke will hurt your throat but theres way to get around that
You: yeah
Stranger: and the only mental negatives are temporary
Stranger: and are always restored
Stranger: sooooooo
Stranger: it's a win win
Stranger: like once i started smoking weed i'm not even that interested in drinking anymore
Stranger: because it's so much better.
Stranger: no hangover, you feel way better
You: fair enough
Stranger: you don't make an ass of yourself and it's juts fun
Stranger: D.A.R.E. and the media and shit makes it out to be like heroin or something
Stranger: but it just
Stranger: makes you love things more.
Stranger: and appreciate more
Stranger: i dunno
Stranger: it's good shit
You: yeah
Stranger: i should really go to bed though, it's extremely late (or early, lol)
You: I was thinking that
You: midnight...
Stranger: ... 6:23am
Stranger: i have no obligations
Stranger: today
Stranger: so i figured what the hell
You: Fair enough
You: I need to finish two essays for tomorrow
You: but procrastination is way more fun
You: it's only uni
Stranger: isn't it always?
You: yeah
Stranger: first year?
You: second
Stranger: oh
Stranger: i graduated high school last summer, taking a year off right now before uni
Stranger: just working
You: I wish I had've done that
Stranger: trying to get a full-time job, i have a part-time one right now but it sucks and my boss sucks.
Stranger: so.
You: I just went straight on to uni
Stranger: lame
Stranger: yeah, i definitely knew this is what i wanted
You: Pros and cons
Stranger: people were so annoying about it though
Stranger: warning me that i'll "NEVER GO BACK" and shit
Stranger: i know i'll go back, i have 0 intention of working at wal-mart
You: yeah
Stranger: for all my life
Stranger: yeah.
Stranger: i dont work there now, but you know.
You: not exactly a good career
Stranger: no sir
Stranger: what are you taking?
You: taking as in course?
You: teaching
You: pre-school teaching
You: playing with play dough all day
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: aw that's fun
Stranger: my boyfriend is going into education too
Stranger: for high-school, though
You: ah
Stranger: and maybe a professor eventually
You: I could never be a professor
You: not enough authority around other adults
You: little kids listen though
You: plus it's easy to be a pre-school teacher here when you're a guy, everyone wants you to succeed
Stranger: the stuff kids go through in pre-school and early child-hood affects them for the rest of their life subconsciously
Stranger: what they learn back then is basically the basis of all of their morals
You: indeed
Stranger: i'm probably going into design studies
You: I can create my world of intellectuals by starting early
Stranger: film in particular
You: rad
Stranger: dunno where i'm gonna go with it though, just see where it takes me i guess.
Stranger: hahah yeah
Stranger: little soldiers
Stranger: brain soldiers.
You: you could make propaganda films to further brainwash them
Stranger: your mommy is wrong.
Stranger: this is the truth kids
Stranger: haha. i went to a scientologist preschool
Stranger: well
Stranger: it was a preschool
You: wow
You: I had no idea they had those
Stranger: the principal was a scientologist, and he constantly got in shit for forcing his views upon the kids
You: ah
Stranger: haha yeah
Stranger: w/e nothing really happened from it
You: So it didn't influence your views?
Stranger: naw
Stranger: i didn't even remember anything he said
You: you know what not to do to brainwash kids then, since that didn't work.
Stranger: thing*
Stranger: ahaha.
Stranger: i probably didn't care/wasn't listening/doing my own think
Stranger: thats right!
Stranger: scientologists for once did something constructive
Stranger: that's refreshing.
You: haha
You: I need to find out more about what they believe...
You: at the moment it's just 'Tom Cruise is one, they're nutters' for me
Stranger: all i know is what i learned off a southpark episode pretty much
Stranger: basically they believe this crazy story about aliens and volcanos and idk
Stranger: their gods name is Xenu
You: warrior princess?
Stranger: the guy who created the religion was also a sci-fi writer so... you can do the math
Stranger: haha maybe?
Stranger: basically it's just a bunch of made up bullshit... just like every other religion pretty much
You: so, yes, they're nutters
Stranger: completely
Stranger: oh and also i should mention it's a big scam
Stranger: and they ask for money all the time and you have to like
Stranger: pay your superiors in the religion money to find out more about it
Stranger: to get let in on the "secrets" of it
You: ah
You: and the secret is that now that you're high enough you can take money from people
You: franchising
You: Pyramid scheme religion
Stranger: yep
Stranger: i hope so
Stranger: well john travolta being an actor and charasmatic and all
Stranger: with his status
Stranger: he could easily persuade people to give him fuck tons of money
Stranger: eventually if he retires from acting he could potentially just like scam people for the rest of his life
You: At least it's not voodoo and there's no goat testicles involved
Stranger: haha very true
Stranger: goat testicles huh?
You: yeah, they have this ceremony where they cut open a live goat's scrotum and take them out, pass them round
You: then they snort magic mushrooms
You: as far as I'm concerned they did that in the wrong order
Stranger: omg wtf
You: yup
Stranger: ahahah i agree
Stranger: that's insane
Stranger: scientologists do this?
You: not that I know of
You: voodoo
You: k, Ima sleep now, I'm way tired
Stranger: ahh i see
You: thanks for the rad convo
Stranger: yeah same
Stranger: yeah thanks :)
Stranger: it was nice chatting, you seem really cool
You: you too
You: that convo went off tap straight off
You: k
You: bye
Stranger: night
Stranger: have a good sleep :)
You have disconnected.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Spectacular Vernacular: Astute

I used to love the word after a discussion with That Lady and Karen about it, and how they didn’t know what it meant, but between the three of us we pieced together a meaning. I remembered it after they used the word a lot in stage 3 of le tour, which was awesome, massive breakaway with 20kms to go. The commentators kept saying how astute the riders in the breakaway had been to make use of the wind to get a good gap. They also used the word in stage 5 after Voeckler won the stage by 7 seconds. This word does share a lot with destitute, I liked this one first, I just remembered destitute first. I pretty much like them both because they sound rad, but I also like the meaning and obscurity of this one. Astute refers to a person or an action which is shrewd, or of good judgement. I guess that since shrewd can be good or bad cleverness astute is used just to describe the good type of shrewdness. It is often used when people make intelligent decisions quickly as opposed to planned actions.


I made this picture, It wasn't supposed to look like anything in particular to begin with, but it ended up better than I expected looking like a fox running through a hilly countryside area. I pretty much just wanted to do something to say 'this is what I think being on drugs would look like'. Hallucinogens obviously. I don't often feel artistic in this manner, so I enjoy it when it turns out well. Ima try and get some photos I took on my phone onto this site, it might take a while though.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I’m writing my resume at the moment, I got a guide for writing a resume cause I haven’t done it properly before. They all focus on previous employment, I haven’t been employed previously though. I’ve been told that a good place to start is to do a course for responsible service of alcohol. Ima work in a pub, I’ll make everyone call me barkeep! It’ll be rad! I’ll probably still apply at various retail places as well. It’s kind of lame that I’m just applying for my first job and my younger siblings are too. In fact Kate’s already applied for things ahead of me. Dang.

After the 6th stage of Le Tour I decided I’d go home before everyone went to bed/home, as I left I said ‘Cancellara’ and everyone thought I said ‘Catch you later’ I think. I hope they did anyway.

My sell-out move has been going great guns, I’ve earned $8! Maybe I won’t need to get a real job after all... or maybe I will. I tried to change the way the ad looked, but it didn’t seem to work. Meh, commercialism is enough work as it is without having to actually put effort into it.

I just had a thought of a robot monkey, that’d be way rad! It’d make me redundant though

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Spectacular Vernacular: Zounds

I’ve liked this word since studying ‘Othello’, but my interest was stimulated again recently by the movie ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’. It was my second favourite thing they said in Othello, first being ‘they’re making the beast with two backs’, it’s a great way to talk about adult things and have kids not have any clue what you’re on about. It was also my second favourite thing in ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’, the first of that being ‘Sink me’. Zounds was a swear word and a contraction of God’s wounds. This has been explained in two ways, first it’s blasphemous to say that God could have wounds, or it’s referring to Jesus and the wounds that were inflicted on him for our sins. Whichever one it is people don’t use it now and probably wouldn’t be offended by it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My spectacular vernacular: destitute

I want to introduce some continuity to this thing, thus I'm going to have a discussion about words that I like and wish to use more often. Today I'm liking destitute (dĕs'tĭ-tūt',-tyūt'). It's very much a whimsical thing, but I find the word appealing. Probably all the words I'll say in this will not have any real reasons for liking them, they'll just sound cool. Destitute basically means lacking, many people think it only applies to lack of money apparently, but that's not the case. I think it can be applied in relation to a lack of anything, so I have an Ivory umbrella stand destitution... I’ll have to do something about that.
There you have it, that's the first word that I've been enjoying lately, there should be more a'coming.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There are more fools in the world than there are people.

Last night after the awesome third stage of Le Tour there was a lot of ice on car windscreens. The others who were driving spent time removing ice from their cars, using the heater and an old CD. I decided to just drive home with my head out the window. In retrospect it wasn’t my wisest choice... It was fun though. I had to have the window open on the other side so that when I was turning left so I could see where I was going. Cold temperatures and high speeds tend to lead to cold faces, it’s a harsh consequence for such an early hour.

This morning I slept in awesome, it was 11.30 when I woke up. I would’ve slept longer probably but the phone was ringing incessantly. It was mum, she wanted me to bring a dish to the school. I went straight away, and felt unsafe on the road. I hate driving when I’m tired. When I got to the school I realised it was recess time, and as I climbed out of my car the teenagers all started talking to me at once. Some of them recognised me from the time when I was present at the school, particularly from when I dressed up as a Neo-Nazi for my year 12 assembly, yelling ‘Achtung!’ at me, as my only lines in the act had been to yell that to make everyone listen to the more ‘important’ lines. One person started saying ‘Hey Jesus, Jesus, over here! Show me your hands! Fix my water for me, I’m having a party!’ There was a lot of expletives scattered throughout the list of things he said. I got the feeling that he had grown up in a Christian home, but thought other things were right. It still tickled me pink to be compared to Jesus, the kid may have thought I was insulted, but I was far from it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The more things change, the more they remain... insane

Every time I’m away from home for any substantial period of time I always assume on my return that everything will have changed drastically, but everything remains, invariably the same. It’s when I’m at home and not expecting change that it always seems to happen. I only just noticed that they’ve put a new chicken shop into the local super market, I had thought there was still a bakery where the chicken place now is. I have no idea how long it’s been there, the main problem being how infrequently I go shopping, and how little attention I pay to the shops when I go shopping, as it’s usually nearly closing time when I turn up. I have also considered the possibility that I have noticed the change but forgotten it, multiple times, next time I go shopping I may forget that the chicken shop is there again. This train of thought leads me to a fight club-esque scenario playing out in my head whereby I go shopping a lot without realising, because it’s the other person in my head who is shopping. I wouldn’t like to be called Tyler though, so I’m feeling pretty safe in that respect.

I noticed today that there are a lot of weeds in my back yard which are quite firmly established, they have definitely been growing for at least a couple weeks, but I’m only just noticing. I’m not likely to do anything about them such as removing them or poisoning them, I kinda like the lush green they add to the garden. Maybe I’ll use them to feed animals next time my family is out of town instead of paying for pet food. I’m sure Kate’s guinea pig will be fine with that, and Toby’s budgie will take it as a supplement for its diet, not a replacement, but the cat... not likely. Last time my family went to Queensland the cat ran out of food and I gave it my leftovers, mostly chicken which I constantly over catered for myself. Since then the cat’s interest in food has risen above dry food and she waits til after dinner to be sure she can’t get anything better, she often does get something better. I just thought I was getting off topic, but that was about change, and this is about changing subjects so it’s fine.

I’m going to change from writing to sleeping. Yeah, that’ll work good.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sharks, Jelly fish and squids oh my!

My Squid Quotient is apparently 120.75. This apparently means I should be good around squids. My procrastination is becoming ever more useful. You can find out your squid quotient by completing a short test. I don't know what to say to convince you that this is not a lame post, I'm not so sure about it myself. Then again, the rest aren't that much better. Off I go into the sunset riding my squid.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 for 1 deal!

I got a great deal today; I went to the cinema twice with no money down. This morning straight after breakfast I took my little sister and her little friend to see the Hannah Montana movie. I have to admit, even with the incredible predictability of the movie's plot and all the jokes, I enjoyed it. It was very lame, but in an endearing way. One section in particular reminded me of Spider man 2, the scene was delightfully lame. The other movie I saw was with my brother, Transformers 2. It was also lame, relying on explosions to drag the lame plot and dialogue. It smacked of milking a successful enterprise with the least effort possible. It was quite nonsensical too, Particularly a certain item with crumbled to dust only to rematerialise later.
I then came home to drop a bog, drop a blog then I'll have dinner. In the end I got two movies and it only cost me one day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

There was an old lady from Limerick
Who preferred to write haiku
This one mixes both
Haiku in the middle, on the outside limerick

That was lame, I realise, but I couldn't help it. I just found out that Limerick is a place in Ireland, I find that pretty rad. Sometimes I get the urge to try speaking in iambic pentameter, but I suppress the urge as it would hinder the speed and flow of the conversation if i paused to work out the number of syllables I need to say.

A man bought cigars
he insured them for fires
then smoked them post-haste

He smoked his cigars
he collected some money
then was arrested

Sometimes, the above was such a case, haiku just appears in my head, I'm not sure about the fires bit, but i counted that as two syllables. I read the story about a guy who insured his rare cigars against fire, then he smoked them, claimed money from the insurance company, had to go to court to get it and won, then he was arrested for arson, twenty four separate instances of it. Each sentance had a single year of gaol for punishment, so he had to spend 24 years in jail. as I read it the poems just came, no thinking required. Awesome.

Suddenly I have a lot to say after months of nothing, It's pretty poor form I guess, but I'm still not feeling completely comfortable about the whole deal. Meh, whatever.

Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone.

I decided it would be fun to try selling out. I don't actually see this as a money turner, but I've always thought it would be nice to have a website with ads on it. It makes me feel like it is successful, even if there's nobody reading it. I would've liked to have chosen specific ads myself, based on ads that I like or products that I use, but I can't be bothered and that's quite unjustified, so that's not happening. Turns out procrastination time wasn't over, hey?
There's a rad show on SBS about towers falling down, I glance at it every now and again and lose my train of thought. I think that if I had any artistic ability then I wouldn't mind being an architect, but as my skills stand now there'd be a lot of buildings fall down just because I can't draw straight. i also hate using rulers, so that wouldn't help.
I hope the ads don't turn out lame, they probably will though and if that's the case I'll get rid of them, because I think I can do that.
I think I want to put it in a different spot, but I don't know if I can do that...

Babies haven't any hair: Old men's heads are just as bare; From the cradle to the grave, Lies a haircut and a shave.

I have been disappointed of the hair of other students at uni, I went the mullet, but that has been the only hair style that anyone would have considered being even near non-conservative or non-conformist. I'm currently growing my hair long, which is still the most out there hair style at uni. I did have ambitions of going something very different; a frullet comb over. This is a mullet at the front of the head combed back. I'm not sure how well this would work, but I may still do that. Probably not though. Procrastination over.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bacteria is the only culture I have...

I joined, again following my peers, dang peer pressure... On the site I found out that this year I have listened to around ten thousand songs, I was quite proud of myself. it's mainly Foo Fighters too, so that's pretty rad. I'm hoping that I might acquire some mild sort of acclaim of being the biggest fan of the Foo Fighters, but I haven't checked whether anybody else has listened to them more than me. I don't even know if that is possible.

In other news, I'm on placement. In some ways it's awesome, there's cute kids saying cute things, such as my Focus Child. The centre had a reptile show and all the children got to pat lizards, a snake and a crocodile. FC later said that the crocodile was "The best... The best in the West!" That's the coolest thing that I've heard all week, not that the actual thing is said was that great, but this came from a four year old kid. awesome. The placement is also bad in some ways, particularly that I don't like one of my supervising teachers, the one that has decided that she was in charge and would be marking my placement even though she's only there two days a week. I also have a similar gripe to others, writing. probably nobody likes writing serious stuff, but I've procrastinated by writing the first 'blog' entry that I've done in months... irony? I can never remember what is actually defined as being ironic... It seems this is winding up, besides my computer is running out of ink. Tally-ho.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The schools aren't what they used to be, they never were...

Einstein once said 'Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.' but then again when he was in school he didn't get the best of grades. I've been thinking a little about the types of intelligence that are most useful.

I always think that the type of intelligence which is thought of by society to be best, knowledge, is in the end the most useless. It's probably just the one that's emphasised because it's easiest to test, and thus find who has the most factual knowledge. For me, memorising factual knowledge doesn't show that you are smart.

I think smarter people are those who can use logic, the kind that Solomon displayed when he worked out who owned a baby by offering each woman half. He could have had spies all through the city and thus known how to solve this type of problem by having the knowledge of who owned the baby, he would not then have been renowned for his intelligence. Instead he used logic to work it out.

I like to think that I have a fair amount of logic, I use this to try to use my energy economically, I'm not talking about going green, I'm talking about when I'm doing work, doing it the way which will make me least tired by the end. Perhaps it's not overly logical to some to be lazy like that, but for me it works, using logic and obtaining different results does not mean the other person is wrong, they've just got different motivation.

There are also other types of intelligences, like artistic, social and personal/emotional intelligence. My first thought for artistic intelligence is that it's useless, but it can have it's uses I guess, influencing other people with art is quite a complex and scary thought. I hear that they use certain types of music and colours in shops that make you more likely to buy things. Those strategies don't affect me much, I don't shop enough to care, but clearly the concept could be applied to other aspects in life.

Social and emotional intelligences kind of go hand in hand, it's about being able to tell how others feel and how you feel. It's all about interactions with other people. Not one of my strong points, but useful for many people.

The conclusion I've come to is that whatever you're good at is fine, as long as you capitalize on your strengths for the benefit of yourself and others, but the stuff I learnt at school is still largely of no use to me, which is lucky because I don't really remember what I learnt.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What fits into your busy lifestyle better: 1hour of exercise 3 times a week, or 24/7 death?

I've started doing Karate again, which is pretty rad. After 2 years of doing next to nothing physically it's difficult though. I remember a lot of the stuff though, which is surprising, many people talk of having a memory like a seive, sometimes I wish I had a memory that good...

Last night's session was led by the resident fourth dan, (which is the fourth grade after the garden variety black belt, so he could kill you about 100 times before you hit the ground, if you even end up hitting the ground... yes, he's that good) needless to say I have some sore muscles today. Curse my laziness up to this point!

I've also been doing a bit of bike riding lately since near the end of last year, not regularly though, nothing too excessive, except how I nearly died trying to ride up a quite steep hill when I already had some sort of flu type disease. Curse you disease formally only explained by passing comets!

Been doing some swimming too, no worries with that, it's all been fun. The swimming isn't doing much in the sculpting and toning of six packs though, it's much more just a relaxing soak.

I figure I'll try to start doing more bike riding when it's cooler. Or I might get back into another lazy pattern...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

lol fail om nom nom cheezburger

Why do people need to copy jokes of other people? Are we so void of creativity that we can't think of any more good ideas? Perhaps we're too lazy to bother thinking.

Every time I go on the internerd these days I always see mainly the same things; motivational posters, people failing at various tasks and lots of storm troopers. I don't even want to talk about the stuff on youtube...

I guess that people are finding it hard to find anything to satirise as generally the only things not plagiarised are non-sequiturs.

I feel kind of bad about complaining about people trying to make others laugh, but really if they're stealing the idea it's not going the be funny. N0 matter how many time my younger brother repeats my or my father's jokes they are never funny for us again, just repetitive and annoying, so I guess the main reason the kids repost these things is to try to make other people think they're the first ones to do it and to make themselves look awesome.

Most of the stuff isn't even funny in the first place... but I do like the stuff about ninjas.

ps. check this goldenpages joke out!

You've all been owned!

If all your friends wrote a blog about jumping off a cliff...

So, I'm finally taking the plunge into blogdom, I kinda hate that term though: blog... I'm thinking that I'll get over it though, it's not that big of a deal, but til then I'll just call it my lame attempt to fit in with all the other kids who write blogs, some of which become famous. I probably won't bother telling anybody about this thing though, so this is quite unlikely to make a star.

It turns out I am subject to peer pressure and that I haven't overcome it yet, I did go a fair while without starting this thing up, and I still don't do the facebook thing, a fact I'm quite proud of really. I do have a myspace account, but it's laying dormant. I only started it to talk to Tripod, they're one great band, but now that i've pretty much said all the things I can think of to say to them and they've replied to my messages it serves no purpose.

Even though I doubt that many, if any, people will read this, if you do please write some stuff done somewhere, I'm assuming that there'll be some sort of comment place. If you are more computer literate than me, which you probably are, then you might be able to give me tips on how to improve things. At this stage I'm not happy with how it looks, so advice. Also I'm guessing there'll be some that are more literate than me, not as many as with computer literacy, but still some. I don't want your advice, I'm happy with the occassional gramatical error.

Anyway, enjoy or don't, I don't mind, let me know either way.