Monday, August 30, 2010

5 clicks

I just decided to play five clicks to Hitler, a form of entertainment on wikipedia, you choose a random article and then see if you can get to the article on Adolf Hitler with just five clicks. I found it was quite easy. I started off with J24 as my random article, my first click was NER class P which is apparently a type of train, the to British Railways and straight to History of rail transport in Great Britain where I was hoping to find something about the war, which I found and obviously Hitler was pretty easy to find from there. Five clicks to Hitler!

For the sake of another link and a whole lot more rad I want to draw your attention to the game Devil's Tuning Fork. It's about echolocation. I haven't finished it yet, but it's on my to do list. Probably more than once.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I walked home from Bible study in the rain, I ended up soaked. I'm not complaining though. I can't get away with complaining now, I had too many people offer me a lift home. It was fun! A lady at the petrol place walked past me and said "Fantastic." I don't know what to make of that.

I played this rad game called One Step Back, have a go, it's cool. It's got a sequel called The Other Side, it's not as good, but it's still worth a go.

That's all I think.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New ukulele

This is my new ukulele. It's rad, I'm pretty happy with it. I wasn't so happy having to wait 2.5 months for it, but it was worth it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The music shop says that I should be able to get my new ukulele on thursday, which will be rad.

Today when my siblings got home my brothers were exiled from the front room because my sister's friends were coming over. There was a lot of girlish giggling. The Bible study my sister was doing was pretty loud too.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letter on important issues

I was told by a member of the committee of management for church that someone had brought a complaint to the committee about how I don't wear shoes. He actually went on to show me a bumper sticker that he thought I should buy. I wrote a letter in response, and this is it:

To the esteemed members of the committee of management,
thank you for your concern in regard to my attire. Being unaware what the reason which brought this issue to light was, I made an assumption that either someone has deemed it to be disrespectful, or that it is a safety hazard.
I do not believe that God requires me to wear shoes, we are saved by the grace of God in Jesus Christ, not how well we are presenting ourselves at church. In fact in Exodus chapter three verse five God instructs Moses to remove his footwear.
Even the most perfunctory internet search into health and bare feet shows that not wearing shoes can have a myriad of benefits, in a 2001 research paper Michael Warburton wrote that running barefoot decreases the likelihood of ankle sprains and chronic injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. Going barefoot can also increase the circulation to the feet which will combat varicose veins. However, it is an obvious fact that any sharp object that finds its way to the ground can pose a risk to a barefoot individual. I am willing to take that risk, I generally am cautious about where I tread so I have not had any major incidents yet. In fact God built a mechanism into the human body which affords protection for the feet after prolonged exposure, that is callouses.
Many people think that not wearing shoes leads to unsanitary feet, with the risk of spreading disease, however, as I have already stated, I take care where I step and am thus less likely to spread bacteria infested substances such as mud or faecal matter as those wearing shoes, which can trap all manner of things in the tread of the shoe. Wearing shoes can actually aid bacteria multiplication on the foot as the shoe holds in warmth and moisture whilst providing darkness, the perfect environment for bacteria growth.
If there are any other concerns on this subject feel free to inform me of them and I shall reconsider my position on the issue.
Grace be with you

Luke Bartholomew.

Near death experience

Last night I tried a kilpatrick oyster at an engagement party. That wasn't the near death experience part, it was pretty awesome actually! The party was fun too. After that we went for an afterparty where we discussed the worlds longest poo, among other things. 26 feet if you wanted to know. After that I played responsible designated driver and drove the people who had consumed alcohol home. I was passing over the freeway with someone it the backseat when a white 4wd went through a red light and stopped right in front of me. Since it was slippery braking didn't work, neither did turning, I was just skidding towards the car, I kept turning the wheel and back to straight and with about a meter to go the car got some grip on the road and I swerved out of the way. It was a very quick experience, but it was exciting. The guy in the back seat was feeling a bit sick after that though.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inception and Scott Pilgrim

I recently saw Inception and today I saw Scot Pilgrim, and I have been a little surprised at how good they were. I have been given a couple of inaccurate reviews by friends for some DVDs lately, so I'd begun believing the opposite to what I hear in reviews. Luckily I still gave these movies a chance though, there was only one disappointment about my cinema experience today. My sister decided to go to see Scott Pilgrim at 1.45, my brothers were also going to see it, but were scared of my sister so they were going to go to the 4.15 screening. I talked them into going at the same time, so that we could annoy my sister, but she didn't seem to be too upset. Oh well.

On Thursday I went to a rad poker night, 12 hours of poker straight! I taught people to play Omaha hold 'em, but most of the time it was Texas hold 'em. I wasn't going too well for most of the time, but I won the last game, so that was good. Winning isn't really the point though, the whole lot was fun even when I was losing. I had fun and there was pizza!

At Yoop last night I wanted to have pool, table tennis, card games and carpet bowls, but I couldn't find the carpet for it. We found a foosball table instead and I'm pretty sure it worked better than carpet bowls would have. The big hit was spoons, but I put straws instead of spoons in case any went missing. I had fun and there was pizza!

Should've at pizza at the cinema today...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The morning

"... So what have you been up to this morning?"
"Y'know, the usual."
"Which is..."
"Wake up, peek out the door to make sure you're still asleep and find your door closed, walk to the toilet naked, have a shower..."
"What if I got up while you were walking past?"
"I dunno, probably awkward times. Anyway, I get dressed and I have breakfast, usually it's cereal, but today I had a cooked breakfast, I fried some bacon, ate it off the pan, juggled some eggs then fried them too, then I fried a tomato and half an apple..."
"Whatever. I leave the other half of the to sooth my burnt tongue when I'm done, then I drink some milk and you usually wake up around then so we chat for a while. Normally you talk more, since you're a girl. Something wrong?"
"Hey, what's news?"
"Do you reckon other people's wee tastes different to your own?"
"... I'm going"
"I'm not sure, have you tried your own before?"
"Nah, but like, you eat heaps different to me, does that make your wee taste different?"
"I don't know..."
"I dunno either... What would be the best way to drink wee?"
"I was thinking of like, soaking something in it, then eating it."
"... I'm speechless..."
"I reckon toast would be the go."
"You do know that weeing into a toaster would be ten times worse that sticking a knife into the toaster?"
"Yeah, duh, I'd put the toast in the sink then stand on the bench and let 'er rip"
"Make sure if there are any dishes there that they are dirty, and wait until I'm out of the room before you start"
"I'm only thinking about it, I'm not that stupid."
"Oh, but you are, you're not Einstein, you won't be satisfied by a thought experiment, you'll keep thinking about it and eventually you'll do it."
"Do you think cat wee would taste different to my wee?"
"I wouldn't touch her cat if I were you, that thing is vicious, and yes, it would taste very different I suspect."
"Well, have fun today."
"See you later."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'd call it 'Killer Luke in the Forest of Doom during the Zombie Apocalypse'

I walked home from Bible study, just made it before it started raining. I dawdled and went exploring a little so it took a while. I kept getting worried because the ground ahead had what looked like glass, and obviously I wasn't wearing shoes, but I knew it was the wet stones in the road that were a little shiny since it had rained a bit before I left. I kept forgetting though and getting worried that I'd cut my foot open and have people all saying "told you so, I said you should wear shoes." So far it's been fine.

I like walking in an empty street where nothing else is moving, I imagine that I'm in some kind of post-apocalyptic zombie movie, but at the part where everything is ok because the zombies haven't appeared yet.

I saw a Ray White real estate sign, it has a picture of a person on it. I never pictured Ray White as being a blonde woman before...