Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Easter bunny and the weird guy at uni

Just read this:

"if the easter bunny isn’t real, how about this

my dad had a car accident when I was little from swerving to avoid hitting a rabbit

both him and the rabbit died

and from that day forward, I never got easter eggs on easter"

It didn't say who wrote it though...

There's a guy at uni who does gardening and stuff. I assume that he is employed by the uni to do it because he's there a lot. Sometimes he'll notice me go past when he's digging, or whatever he might be doing at the time. It's mostly digging. He doesn't seem to like me, he's got this glare that he gives me every time he sees me. I generally go back out of the uni the same way I come in and the times he's noticed me he always get a "Snake sighted in area" sign and points it out to me on my way home.

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