Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What fits into your busy lifestyle better: 1hour of exercise 3 times a week, or 24/7 death?

I've started doing Karate again, which is pretty rad. After 2 years of doing next to nothing physically it's difficult though. I remember a lot of the stuff though, which is surprising, many people talk of having a memory like a seive, sometimes I wish I had a memory that good...

Last night's session was led by the resident fourth dan, (which is the fourth grade after the garden variety black belt, so he could kill you about 100 times before you hit the ground, if you even end up hitting the ground... yes, he's that good) needless to say I have some sore muscles today. Curse my laziness up to this point!

I've also been doing a bit of bike riding lately since near the end of last year, not regularly though, nothing too excessive, except how I nearly died trying to ride up a quite steep hill when I already had some sort of flu type disease. Curse you disease formally only explained by passing comets!

Been doing some swimming too, no worries with that, it's all been fun. The swimming isn't doing much in the sculpting and toning of six packs though, it's much more just a relaxing soak.

I figure I'll try to start doing more bike riding when it's cooler. Or I might get back into another lazy pattern...

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