Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Television has raised writing to a new low.

Sometimes TV is awesome. I saw two ads in consecutive order, first a government ad proclaiming the dangers of gambling, then a bet 24/7 ad. If I gamble enough I could win a car, but then my friends are going to hate me because I'm not going to do anything with them anymore.

Also, I really quite want to see the new Coen Brothers movie. Based loosely on the book of Job from the Bible it combines Coen brother awesomeness and the Bible, albeit just as a Jewish thing, but it's good enough to make me think it'll be a good movie. I love a good picture show.

Also also, KFC ads are still terrible.

Finally, Mikey and I are learning 'The Distance'. We're heaps good musicians. Or might be sometime in the future...

I said that was finally so off I go.

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