Friday, November 13, 2009

The strangely strange stranger on Omegle

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You: 1 naturo bar counts as 1 portion of your recommended daily 5 portions of fruit and veg
Stranger: hi
Stranger: yeah?
You: i just read that
Stranger: i get my fruits and veg otherwise
Stranger: bar
Stranger: oh
Stranger: i dont need some crazy
You: it seems odd to me
Stranger: naturo?
Stranger: dangerously close to naruto
You: that's why i bought it
Stranger: hahaha.
Stranger: it's proably just like
Stranger: a bar
Stranger: made of rubber
Stranger: and vitamins
Stranger: i dunno.
Stranger: what does it consist of
You: i just ate it
Stranger: verdict?
You: it does taste like rubber
Stranger: mmmmmmm
You: i'm throwing the rest out
Stranger: good idea
Stranger: i don't trust any food these days
Stranger: everythings poisoned or preserved or...
Stranger: just
Stranger: fucked.
You: yeah
Stranger: better than food elsewhere though i shouldnt be complaining, but still, shit gives you cancer.
You: I'm going to have to become an oxygenarian
You: actually...
Stranger: whats that?
You: I hear oxygen causes ageing
You: can't do that
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: i heard that too.
You: oxygenarian is like vegetarian, but no vegetables...
Stranger: oxygen isn't like
Stranger: great for you
Stranger: it what makes your body slowly deteriorate
Stranger: but its also what keeps you alive so it's like
Stranger: two edged i guess
Stranger: ohhh i see
You: hmm
Stranger: having an oxygen bar would be good times, but i wouldnt do it
You: gotta way up ageing against not living
Stranger: unless i needed it
Stranger: gotta find a way to live forever
Stranger: i'd live forever if i knew how to
You: weigh, obviously there
Stranger: despite all the shit and boredom i'd go through
Stranger: i'd be willing to endure it all.
You: i don't think I wanna live past 70 or 80
You: somewhere round there
Stranger: if i didn't age
Stranger: and at age 100 i looked and felt like, 20
Stranger: i'd be fine
You: true
Stranger: and just didn't age
Stranger: but then that would get like
Stranger: fishy
Stranger: and you'd be very lonely
Stranger: when people are like "why don't you age lol?"
You: I might make about 200 in that case
You: then get sick of it
Stranger: you'd learn so much shit
Stranger: yeah. i'd probably get bored or addicted to some kinda drug or something
You: probably OD eventually
You: might be for the best...
You: i've never experienced death or over dosing, so I'm not sure
Stranger: even if it was possible to live forever... you wouldnt want everyone living forever anyways. it would just destroy your resources. just maybe like. incredibly smart people
Stranger: meh, it's not really the experience of it
Stranger: it's the result of it
You: true enough
You: Would culling the stupid mean that the IQ would permanantly rise?
Stranger: i guess so.
You: I think in a social evolution way, but not a biological one
Stranger: just because theyre smart though doesnt necessarily make them logical
Stranger: they might be like mad scientist types though
Stranger: i dunno
Stranger: why would we need to biologically evolve anymore when we already have everything made for the way we are?
You: well, if you were choosing who to keep would you keep those with logic, or book smarts?
Stranger: except pinky toes are slowly getting less and less prominent
You: I guess and really?
You: I hadn't noticed
Stranger: and yeah, social evolution is all thats left pretty much.
Stranger: i dunno, you need a combo of both
Stranger: to feed off eachother
You: I guess so
Stranger: and yeah well, that's what i hear anyways. about the toes
Stranger: cause we drive everywhere and have shoes and idk
Stranger: dont really need em
Stranger: for walking nowadays
Stranger: and i swear fingernails are getting smaller but maybe thats just me
You: hmm
You: I think I'd try to get a percentage of logical thinkers and a percentage of informationally rich people
You: like 20% book smarts and 80% logical thinkers
You: the ones with the facts would then teach the logical ones, who would then process that information to create a better world or something
You: or make more nasal sprays for better erections
Stranger: ahahah.
Stranger: better erections = better world
You: one and the same
Stranger: but yeah, i think you're right
You: time to take over the world then
Stranger: logical thinkers could do something crazy though and like power monger
You: hmm
Stranger: because they hate the world because they know too much
You: I need to keep the physically weak
Stranger: and do it for the people hahaha
Stranger: just make them smoke a ton of weed and then they'll start loving life
You: seems to be a good, yet completely different scenario
Stranger: do you smoke pot?
You: no
You: I would if I could though
You: I hear it's reasonably fun
Stranger: oh
Stranger: yeah it's fun
Stranger: opens your eyes to a lot of shit too
Stranger: i know that sounds stupid
Stranger: but it just makes you more... aware
Stranger: of things that you weren't before
Stranger: it's interesting.
You: aware of what?
Stranger: just things.
Stranger: like
Stranger: body language
Stranger: that people overlook
Stranger: little things
You: ah
Stranger: processing of things
Stranger: the "big picture"
Stranger: creative ideas.
Stranger: it also makes music like 50x better
You: I had heard that
You: That's the main reason I'd try it
Stranger: it doesnt "change your life" or anything
Stranger: it's just nice to chill out with at the end of a long fuckign day
Stranger: makes you feel better.
Stranger: if you smoke it all the time you just feel like shit anyways
You: I guess I kinda find that with beer
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: plus marijuana is healthier in comparasin to alcohol
Stranger: alcohol will do all kinds of crap to your body and mind permanently
Stranger: at most smoking weed, the smoke will hurt your throat but theres way to get around that
You: yeah
Stranger: and the only mental negatives are temporary
Stranger: and are always restored
Stranger: sooooooo
Stranger: it's a win win
Stranger: like once i started smoking weed i'm not even that interested in drinking anymore
Stranger: because it's so much better.
Stranger: no hangover, you feel way better
You: fair enough
Stranger: you don't make an ass of yourself and it's juts fun
Stranger: D.A.R.E. and the media and shit makes it out to be like heroin or something
Stranger: but it just
Stranger: makes you love things more.
Stranger: and appreciate more
Stranger: i dunno
Stranger: it's good shit
You: yeah
Stranger: i should really go to bed though, it's extremely late (or early, lol)
You: I was thinking that
You: midnight...
Stranger: ... 6:23am
Stranger: i have no obligations
Stranger: today
Stranger: so i figured what the hell
You: Fair enough
You: I need to finish two essays for tomorrow
You: but procrastination is way more fun
You: it's only uni
Stranger: isn't it always?
You: yeah
Stranger: first year?
You: second
Stranger: oh
Stranger: i graduated high school last summer, taking a year off right now before uni
Stranger: just working
You: I wish I had've done that
Stranger: trying to get a full-time job, i have a part-time one right now but it sucks and my boss sucks.
Stranger: so.
You: I just went straight on to uni
Stranger: lame
Stranger: yeah, i definitely knew this is what i wanted
You: Pros and cons
Stranger: people were so annoying about it though
Stranger: warning me that i'll "NEVER GO BACK" and shit
Stranger: i know i'll go back, i have 0 intention of working at wal-mart
You: yeah
Stranger: for all my life
Stranger: yeah.
Stranger: i dont work there now, but you know.
You: not exactly a good career
Stranger: no sir
Stranger: what are you taking?
You: taking as in course?
You: teaching
You: pre-school teaching
You: playing with play dough all day
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: aw that's fun
Stranger: my boyfriend is going into education too
Stranger: for high-school, though
You: ah
Stranger: and maybe a professor eventually
You: I could never be a professor
You: not enough authority around other adults
You: little kids listen though
You: plus it's easy to be a pre-school teacher here when you're a guy, everyone wants you to succeed
Stranger: the stuff kids go through in pre-school and early child-hood affects them for the rest of their life subconsciously
Stranger: what they learn back then is basically the basis of all of their morals
You: indeed
Stranger: i'm probably going into design studies
You: I can create my world of intellectuals by starting early
Stranger: film in particular
You: rad
Stranger: dunno where i'm gonna go with it though, just see where it takes me i guess.
Stranger: hahah yeah
Stranger: little soldiers
Stranger: brain soldiers.
You: you could make propaganda films to further brainwash them
Stranger: your mommy is wrong.
Stranger: this is the truth kids
Stranger: haha. i went to a scientologist preschool
Stranger: well
Stranger: it was a preschool
You: wow
You: I had no idea they had those
Stranger: the principal was a scientologist, and he constantly got in shit for forcing his views upon the kids
You: ah
Stranger: haha yeah
Stranger: w/e nothing really happened from it
You: So it didn't influence your views?
Stranger: naw
Stranger: i didn't even remember anything he said
You: you know what not to do to brainwash kids then, since that didn't work.
Stranger: thing*
Stranger: ahaha.
Stranger: i probably didn't care/wasn't listening/doing my own think
Stranger: thats right!
Stranger: scientologists for once did something constructive
Stranger: that's refreshing.
You: haha
You: I need to find out more about what they believe...
You: at the moment it's just 'Tom Cruise is one, they're nutters' for me
Stranger: all i know is what i learned off a southpark episode pretty much
Stranger: basically they believe this crazy story about aliens and volcanos and idk
Stranger: their gods name is Xenu
You: warrior princess?
Stranger: the guy who created the religion was also a sci-fi writer so... you can do the math
Stranger: haha maybe?
Stranger: basically it's just a bunch of made up bullshit... just like every other religion pretty much
You: so, yes, they're nutters
Stranger: completely
Stranger: oh and also i should mention it's a big scam
Stranger: and they ask for money all the time and you have to like
Stranger: pay your superiors in the religion money to find out more about it
Stranger: to get let in on the "secrets" of it
You: ah
You: and the secret is that now that you're high enough you can take money from people
You: franchising
You: Pyramid scheme religion
Stranger: yep
Stranger: i hope so
Stranger: well john travolta being an actor and charasmatic and all
Stranger: with his status
Stranger: he could easily persuade people to give him fuck tons of money
Stranger: eventually if he retires from acting he could potentially just like scam people for the rest of his life
You: At least it's not voodoo and there's no goat testicles involved
Stranger: haha very true
Stranger: goat testicles huh?
You: yeah, they have this ceremony where they cut open a live goat's scrotum and take them out, pass them round
You: then they snort magic mushrooms
You: as far as I'm concerned they did that in the wrong order
Stranger: omg wtf
You: yup
Stranger: ahahah i agree
Stranger: that's insane
Stranger: scientologists do this?
You: not that I know of
You: voodoo
You: k, Ima sleep now, I'm way tired
Stranger: ahh i see
You: thanks for the rad convo
Stranger: yeah same
Stranger: yeah thanks :)
Stranger: it was nice chatting, you seem really cool
You: you too
You: that convo went off tap straight off
You: k
You: bye
Stranger: night
Stranger: have a good sleep :)
You have disconnected.

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