Monday, October 11, 2010

VW is a little bit puzzled

Not long ago my car must have gotten cold, as I found it wrapped in plastic wrap on a monday morning. I found out who played this hilarious and witty prank quite easily, and heard quite a funny story about the deed. Apparently there was a number of people involved in the deed and whilst they were still at it a guy on a motorbike drove past. Since my car sits right underneath a streetlight the pranksters were very visible, so they decided to hide in the garden... except for one of the girls involved who hid behind my car. The guy on the motorbike saw her and started asking questions, but one of the guys involved came to her rescue saying it was a friend's car (perhaps not anymore) so it was fine. Well, other than forcing me to miss a lecture on monday morning it was fine. I decided to get some revenge on one of the girls involved la
st night.

I'm not sure how well she took it, but I had fun doing it. I've heard that her mother thought her boyfriend was responsible, which I found hilarious.

Well, tomorrow morning I'm going up to the Gold Coast, so that should be rad.


  1. Nice work! I assume the nickname "The Puzzler" is now taken?

  2. wat did you stick them on with???

  3. I'm happy to be called The Puzzler, I might not answer though...

    I used blu-tack to stick them on.