Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Spectacular Vernacular: Astute

I used to love the word after a discussion with That Lady and Karen about it, and how they didn’t know what it meant, but between the three of us we pieced together a meaning. I remembered it after they used the word a lot in stage 3 of le tour, which was awesome, massive breakaway with 20kms to go. The commentators kept saying how astute the riders in the breakaway had been to make use of the wind to get a good gap. They also used the word in stage 5 after Voeckler won the stage by 7 seconds. This word does share a lot with destitute, I liked this one first, I just remembered destitute first. I pretty much like them both because they sound rad, but I also like the meaning and obscurity of this one. Astute refers to a person or an action which is shrewd, or of good judgement. I guess that since shrewd can be good or bad cleverness astute is used just to describe the good type of shrewdness. It is often used when people make intelligent decisions quickly as opposed to planned actions.

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