Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge.

I never hated math, I hated how my year 6 teacher taught math, but I never hated it. I never was heaps keen about it at school either. Well, math is getting its revenge on me now, within an hour it will be my 21st birthday, and in just under 10 hours I have a math test. Bah.

Math, I do like you now, all year in fact, call off the dogs!

Also, I've survived long enough for the earth to orbit the sun 21 times! Woo! Thanks God for helping me with that.

Also also, NSW is giving me a present, the whole state has organised a gift for me. We're going to defeat the banana benders. My whole family is against me, parents from Queensland, siblings from Mexico Victoria... I'm a lonely New South Welsh man.

3/4 of an hour to go...

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