Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 for 1 deal!

I got a great deal today; I went to the cinema twice with no money down. This morning straight after breakfast I took my little sister and her little friend to see the Hannah Montana movie. I have to admit, even with the incredible predictability of the movie's plot and all the jokes, I enjoyed it. It was very lame, but in an endearing way. One section in particular reminded me of Spider man 2, the scene was delightfully lame. The other movie I saw was with my brother, Transformers 2. It was also lame, relying on explosions to drag the lame plot and dialogue. It smacked of milking a successful enterprise with the least effort possible. It was quite nonsensical too, Particularly a certain item with crumbled to dust only to rematerialise later.
I then came home to drop a bog, drop a blog then I'll have dinner. In the end I got two movies and it only cost me one day.

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