Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bacteria is the only culture I have...

I joined last.fm, again following my peers, dang peer pressure... On the site I found out that this year I have listened to around ten thousand songs, I was quite proud of myself. it's mainly Foo Fighters too, so that's pretty rad. I'm hoping that I might acquire some mild sort of acclaim of being the biggest fan of the Foo Fighters, but I haven't checked whether anybody else has listened to them more than me. I don't even know if that is possible.

In other news, I'm on placement. In some ways it's awesome, there's cute kids saying cute things, such as my Focus Child. The centre had a reptile show and all the children got to pat lizards, a snake and a crocodile. FC later said that the crocodile was "The best... The best in the West!" That's the coolest thing that I've heard all week, not that the actual thing is said was that great, but this came from a four year old kid. awesome. The placement is also bad in some ways, particularly that I don't like one of my supervising teachers, the one that has decided that she was in charge and would be marking my placement even though she's only there two days a week. I also have a similar gripe to others, writing. probably nobody likes writing serious stuff, but I've procrastinated by writing the first 'blog' entry that I've done in months... irony? I can never remember what is actually defined as being ironic... It seems this is winding up, besides my computer is running out of ink. Tally-ho.

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