Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enemy of the library

Last night I had an awesome dream about my house being a library. The back room of my house was merged with the library from my primary school, the kitchen was merged with the library at uni and the living room at the front of the house was merged with the local public library. My house was a very big library, even the toilet was merged with a mobile library that I went to once. The rooms started of normally but once you got to where the wall should be there started the library. there were books stuffed in random places too. Next to the television, under the couch, in the oven... they even had specific subjects in those places, like my underwear drawer having the sex ed books. Obviously the proper library parts of the house had shelves, exactly like they were the last time I visited the particular library. For some reason we didn't want a library in our house, so Dad and I decided to destroy the books... with a sword. I was the one wielding the sword, because in my dreams I'm the only one who can be trusted with something sharper than a lemon. ("Only Luke can be trusted." "In your dreams!", and in my dreams people other than me can't be trusted with lemons because a lemon is acidic.) So Dad handed the books to me and I sliced them in half. I've probably played too many video games in my life because the books disappeared in a puff of smoke at that point. I wasn't allowed to cut the books in midair, Dad wouldn't let me. It's my dream so I should've been able to do whatever I wanted! I did end up doing it a couple of times when Dad wasn't looking. It took a really long time to cut all the books in each library since I was only cutting them one at a time, but eventually I got through them all. As I finished one room's library worth of books the library part of the room ceased to exist, the wall was back and the room was normal again. I don't remember any transition from weird library room to normal room which is disappointing. I got through the primary school library, the uni library and the portable library in the toilet, but I woke up before the public library. I didn't look in the garage, but I reckon it would've been good if there were magazine racks in there, car ones and science ones.

Today I could have run over a rabbit, but it was dark and I thought it was a dog so I slowed down. Last time I hit a dog it ended up costing me $70 for a new indicator lens cap. Took ages to find one at all!

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