Saturday, September 25, 2010

Post race argument

I'm going to upload the post race video again, because there are loads of people that don't understand it.
There are certain things that people find offensive, but I reckon they don't actually remember why it's offensive. There aren't many people who were chained up and forced to hammer rocks for railway tracks around, those are the people who have a legitimate claim to being offended about things. Younger people only think derogatory words are bad because of the older people being offended. If people stopped being offended those terms would eventually lose all their sting and would no longer be derogatory. It's kind of like having cordial and watering it down, eventually you get to the point when you can't call it cordial anymore, it's just water because there's no flavour left. This can be done to derogatory words by doing them in a good natured manner. Feel free to disagree with me further, I'm ok with that.

Sometimes I find board games pretty lame, but today I had fun playing Monopoly and Quelf, it was mainly because the people who were playing were fun. Making weird deals in Monopoly is awesome, like selling a property for ten percent of the other players income, or rent immunity. I once bought Mayfair in exchange for whenever the other person got sent to gaol we would swap positions. It actually worked out better for me because I had to spend so much time in gaol I didn't have to pay much rent, the other person had to keep paying me rent when they landed on my property though. Some people might call that cheating, I call it ingenuity.

All my family is on holidays, but uni is still on for me. Oh well.

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