Friday, July 10, 2009

I’m writing my resume at the moment, I got a guide for writing a resume cause I haven’t done it properly before. They all focus on previous employment, I haven’t been employed previously though. I’ve been told that a good place to start is to do a course for responsible service of alcohol. Ima work in a pub, I’ll make everyone call me barkeep! It’ll be rad! I’ll probably still apply at various retail places as well. It’s kind of lame that I’m just applying for my first job and my younger siblings are too. In fact Kate’s already applied for things ahead of me. Dang.

After the 6th stage of Le Tour I decided I’d go home before everyone went to bed/home, as I left I said ‘Cancellara’ and everyone thought I said ‘Catch you later’ I think. I hope they did anyway.

My sell-out move has been going great guns, I’ve earned $8! Maybe I won’t need to get a real job after all... or maybe I will. I tried to change the way the ad looked, but it didn’t seem to work. Meh, commercialism is enough work as it is without having to actually put effort into it.

I just had a thought of a robot monkey, that’d be way rad! It’d make me redundant though

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