Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There are more fools in the world than there are people.

Last night after the awesome third stage of Le Tour there was a lot of ice on car windscreens. The others who were driving spent time removing ice from their cars, using the heater and an old CD. I decided to just drive home with my head out the window. In retrospect it wasn’t my wisest choice... It was fun though. I had to have the window open on the other side so that when I was turning left so I could see where I was going. Cold temperatures and high speeds tend to lead to cold faces, it’s a harsh consequence for such an early hour.

This morning I slept in awesome, it was 11.30 when I woke up. I would’ve slept longer probably but the phone was ringing incessantly. It was mum, she wanted me to bring a dish to the school. I went straight away, and felt unsafe on the road. I hate driving when I’m tired. When I got to the school I realised it was recess time, and as I climbed out of my car the teenagers all started talking to me at once. Some of them recognised me from the time when I was present at the school, particularly from when I dressed up as a Neo-Nazi for my year 12 assembly, yelling ‘Achtung!’ at me, as my only lines in the act had been to yell that to make everyone listen to the more ‘important’ lines. One person started saying ‘Hey Jesus, Jesus, over here! Show me your hands! Fix my water for me, I’m having a party!’ There was a lot of expletives scattered throughout the list of things he said. I got the feeling that he had grown up in a Christian home, but thought other things were right. It still tickled me pink to be compared to Jesus, the kid may have thought I was insulted, but I was far from it.

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