Friday, July 3, 2009

The more things change, the more they remain... insane

Every time I’m away from home for any substantial period of time I always assume on my return that everything will have changed drastically, but everything remains, invariably the same. It’s when I’m at home and not expecting change that it always seems to happen. I only just noticed that they’ve put a new chicken shop into the local super market, I had thought there was still a bakery where the chicken place now is. I have no idea how long it’s been there, the main problem being how infrequently I go shopping, and how little attention I pay to the shops when I go shopping, as it’s usually nearly closing time when I turn up. I have also considered the possibility that I have noticed the change but forgotten it, multiple times, next time I go shopping I may forget that the chicken shop is there again. This train of thought leads me to a fight club-esque scenario playing out in my head whereby I go shopping a lot without realising, because it’s the other person in my head who is shopping. I wouldn’t like to be called Tyler though, so I’m feeling pretty safe in that respect.

I noticed today that there are a lot of weeds in my back yard which are quite firmly established, they have definitely been growing for at least a couple weeks, but I’m only just noticing. I’m not likely to do anything about them such as removing them or poisoning them, I kinda like the lush green they add to the garden. Maybe I’ll use them to feed animals next time my family is out of town instead of paying for pet food. I’m sure Kate’s guinea pig will be fine with that, and Toby’s budgie will take it as a supplement for its diet, not a replacement, but the cat... not likely. Last time my family went to Queensland the cat ran out of food and I gave it my leftovers, mostly chicken which I constantly over catered for myself. Since then the cat’s interest in food has risen above dry food and she waits til after dinner to be sure she can’t get anything better, she often does get something better. I just thought I was getting off topic, but that was about change, and this is about changing subjects so it’s fine.

I’m going to change from writing to sleeping. Yeah, that’ll work good.

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