Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'd call it 'Killer Luke in the Forest of Doom during the Zombie Apocalypse'

I walked home from Bible study, just made it before it started raining. I dawdled and went exploring a little so it took a while. I kept getting worried because the ground ahead had what looked like glass, and obviously I wasn't wearing shoes, but I knew it was the wet stones in the road that were a little shiny since it had rained a bit before I left. I kept forgetting though and getting worried that I'd cut my foot open and have people all saying "told you so, I said you should wear shoes." So far it's been fine.

I like walking in an empty street where nothing else is moving, I imagine that I'm in some kind of post-apocalyptic zombie movie, but at the part where everything is ok because the zombies haven't appeared yet.

I saw a Ray White real estate sign, it has a picture of a person on it. I never pictured Ray White as being a blonde woman before...

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