Sunday, August 15, 2010

Near death experience

Last night I tried a kilpatrick oyster at an engagement party. That wasn't the near death experience part, it was pretty awesome actually! The party was fun too. After that we went for an afterparty where we discussed the worlds longest poo, among other things. 26 feet if you wanted to know. After that I played responsible designated driver and drove the people who had consumed alcohol home. I was passing over the freeway with someone it the backseat when a white 4wd went through a red light and stopped right in front of me. Since it was slippery braking didn't work, neither did turning, I was just skidding towards the car, I kept turning the wheel and back to straight and with about a meter to go the car got some grip on the road and I swerved out of the way. It was a very quick experience, but it was exciting. The guy in the back seat was feeling a bit sick after that though.

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