Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letter on important issues

I was told by a member of the committee of management for church that someone had brought a complaint to the committee about how I don't wear shoes. He actually went on to show me a bumper sticker that he thought I should buy. I wrote a letter in response, and this is it:

To the esteemed members of the committee of management,
thank you for your concern in regard to my attire. Being unaware what the reason which brought this issue to light was, I made an assumption that either someone has deemed it to be disrespectful, or that it is a safety hazard.
I do not believe that God requires me to wear shoes, we are saved by the grace of God in Jesus Christ, not how well we are presenting ourselves at church. In fact in Exodus chapter three verse five God instructs Moses to remove his footwear.
Even the most perfunctory internet search into health and bare feet shows that not wearing shoes can have a myriad of benefits, in a 2001 research paper Michael Warburton wrote that running barefoot decreases the likelihood of ankle sprains and chronic injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. Going barefoot can also increase the circulation to the feet which will combat varicose veins. However, it is an obvious fact that any sharp object that finds its way to the ground can pose a risk to a barefoot individual. I am willing to take that risk, I generally am cautious about where I tread so I have not had any major incidents yet. In fact God built a mechanism into the human body which affords protection for the feet after prolonged exposure, that is callouses.
Many people think that not wearing shoes leads to unsanitary feet, with the risk of spreading disease, however, as I have already stated, I take care where I step and am thus less likely to spread bacteria infested substances such as mud or faecal matter as those wearing shoes, which can trap all manner of things in the tread of the shoe. Wearing shoes can actually aid bacteria multiplication on the foot as the shoe holds in warmth and moisture whilst providing darkness, the perfect environment for bacteria growth.
If there are any other concerns on this subject feel free to inform me of them and I shall reconsider my position on the issue.
Grace be with you

Luke Bartholomew.


  1. Someone missed the principle behind Matthew 18:15-17.