Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inception and Scott Pilgrim

I recently saw Inception and today I saw Scot Pilgrim, and I have been a little surprised at how good they were. I have been given a couple of inaccurate reviews by friends for some DVDs lately, so I'd begun believing the opposite to what I hear in reviews. Luckily I still gave these movies a chance though, there was only one disappointment about my cinema experience today. My sister decided to go to see Scott Pilgrim at 1.45, my brothers were also going to see it, but were scared of my sister so they were going to go to the 4.15 screening. I talked them into going at the same time, so that we could annoy my sister, but she didn't seem to be too upset. Oh well.

On Thursday I went to a rad poker night, 12 hours of poker straight! I taught people to play Omaha hold 'em, but most of the time it was Texas hold 'em. I wasn't going too well for most of the time, but I won the last game, so that was good. Winning isn't really the point though, the whole lot was fun even when I was losing. I had fun and there was pizza!

At Yoop last night I wanted to have pool, table tennis, card games and carpet bowls, but I couldn't find the carpet for it. We found a foosball table instead and I'm pretty sure it worked better than carpet bowls would have. The big hit was spoons, but I put straws instead of spoons in case any went missing. I had fun and there was pizza!

Should've at pizza at the cinema today...

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