Saturday, July 24, 2010

3rd, 2nd, 1st

3rd last stage of the tour! It was very exciting during the sprint finish.

2nd attempt by girls to put make-up on Dan, this time successful. Also 2nd is Schleck, who unfortunately doesn't have a great chance of beating Contador.

1st was Cavendish, he won the stage, he is rad even without Renshaw. Also it was the 1st time I drove all the way to the Sheely's place. Amazing.

Dan was slightly hooked on Little Ships for Little Wars, so here's another game: Continuity.

I have also been told I have to share about any more interesting dreams since the last one, possibly good for Freudian analysis, was so strange. I had a dream that was nowhere near as weird as the last one, I was standing outside a house, which turned out to be a commune for all the cool kids to live, and hundreds of massive balls, blue ones and yellow ones, were flying towards the house. I was armed with various sporting equipment. I started off with a tennis racquet, but it kept changing, it was a cricket bat for a while. I was hitting the balls with my weapon, and as I did they broke in half, pretty much exactly like in pilot wings. Pretty soon there was a swarm of tiny flying balls clogging up the air, they became small enough to fit through the flyscreen. At that point I realised that I had failed at protecting everyone, they were all doomed. I couldn't leave it at that though, I wasn't going to simply sit there and let everyone... have balls flying around them... I can't remember if there was any actual bad stuff happening in relation to the balls, but I remember thinking they were evil. Luckily the flamethrower I had been carrying in my back pocket was perfect for removing the threat. I don't remember actually using the flamethrower either actually, the dream kind of ended when I got it out. I was a hero though.

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