Thursday, July 15, 2010

Story time

I found stage 10 a little boring compared to other stages of le tour, but there was balloons which made it all good. Actually now that I think about it there was a pretty good sprint and a cool descent down to Gap. Like I've been saying to heaps of people, even the most boring stages are really exciting.

We wrote a story at UBS, this is it:

There once was a llama called Fred, it was short for Fredrico. He lived with his family of seventy, they were becoming a great nation. They spent most of their time grazing in the most beautiful field in the world, it was flowing with milk and honey.
One day, the day many consider to be the darkest day in llama history, a big, scary, evil ninja-robot appeared from a storm cloud. The ninja-robot wreaked havoc, killing llamas indiscriminantly, but only if they were male.
Fred's mother, fearful for Fred's safety, hid her son in a bush. Now the ninja-robot was not programmed with emotions, but one day as it was trampling through a forest area it happened to see Fred peaking his adorable little llama head out of the bush and a strange feeling flooded into its circuits, little did it know it was love for Fred. Love at first sight. Fred also loved the ninja-robot, but they could not be happy together when the ninja-robot was killing his brothers and friends! What could these star-crossed lovers do?!
The llama named Fred and the ninja-robot eloped and built a family far away from the other llama, thus saving the rest of the llamas, so everyone lived happily ever after.
The end.

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