Monday, July 26, 2010

Qui a été totalement rad!

Last stage. The sprint in the end was amazing, Cavendish coming out of nowhere to win by a mile. Almost literally. Cav is awesome. Contador has won the tour again, I would like to give him a message: "Deja de fingir a disparar un arma, es sólo la mano y parecer estúpido." Good on him though, I hope he doesn't win next year. I was kind of expecting Phil Liggett or Paul Sherwan to say "If we stopped the tour now..." I would've found it hilarious at least.

I'm a bit sad that it's all come to a close now, not going to have as good an excuse to stay up heaps late with a bunch of rad kids. Next year will bring another tour.

Changing topic completely, Onslaught 2 is a heaps fun tower defense game.

I probably will go back to not posting things here regularly now... nothing to talk about.

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