Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No animals were harmed in the making of stage 1

For anyone who is wondering, the dog who ran into the group of cyclists yesterday was completely fine, but Adam Hansen broke his collar bone and is out now.
Chavanel was amazing, in the break away at 17kms and he stayed ahead whilst the rest of the group fell back. I was a bit annoyed, there was an exciting crash due to the wet narrow down hill road, it involved Frank and Andy Schleck. I didn't mind too much about that til later. There was two main groups of the peloton, the first had Cancellara and the second had Contador and Armstrong. I was hoping Cancellara would take the opportunity to get a better advantage over some other threats, but instead he waited for the Schleck brothers. Bah. I'm disappointed that Cancellara has lost the yellow jersey, but Chavanel does deserve it after that effort. There was also a bit of a protest at the end, it was pretty rad.

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