Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flip flop

Chavanel got the yellow back again. Cancellara finished yesterday's stage 14 minutes behind him, so Chavanel isn't in danger of losing it to him again. I'm keen for Schleck to start ripping ahead now. Le Tour de France is remaining as exciting as a five year old's birthday party crashed by Corey Worthington and a puma. That's pretty exciting.

I used Tristan's bed last night. Since it is next to Ross and Dan's beds I was able to make some observations. Ross snores a little bit like a vuvuzela, but Dan snores a little bit more like a chainsaw. They don't snore they same way that I'm used to, they snore for about 30 seconds and stop, unlike those who snore all night long, for which I am profoundly glad.

Last night I worked out my strategy for if I ever turn into a roman centurion, how I would organise my men and such.

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