Sunday, July 25, 2010

second last, stupid kids and sex ed

The penultimate stage was probably the most exciting time trial I've watched. Others said it was boring and fell asleep, but I loved it. Schleck really made Contador work, which was awesome, but unfortunately Contador came out ahead. He came out ahead to make annoying gun gestures when he got the yellow. What a loser!

On my way home it was foggy again, just like the first week of le tour. I was marveling at its thickness when I saw movement on the road ahead... a girl ran across the road and stopped in front of my car with her arms stretched out as if to say "try and hit me!" I switched to 2nd gear to rev real loud, which didn't phase her, but it motivated her friend to drag her off the road before I hit her. I also slowed down like the responsible driver I am.

I can't remember what reminded me, but today I remembered the first time someone 'taught' me about sex. A girl that at the time that I would have very loosely used the term friend about came up to me while I was playing outside and asked me if I knew what sex was. "No, what is it?" "It's a lolly" "Oh, ok" "Would you like some sex?" "No, I just had lunch." I guess she thought it would be funny to hear a kid of about 5 years old say he would like some sex... too bad.

I like fantastic contraption, I'm not very good at it though, I haven't finished it yet... It sure is fun.

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