Thursday, July 8, 2010

Annoying people already

I'm still talking about le Tour, but this stage was kind of boring compared to the others. The ending sprint was a little disappointing, I was hoping that Cavendish and Hushovd would do awesome in the sprint, but they didn't.

There was also State of Origin, it was even more disappointing. More disappointing than failing to peel a tomato. New South Wales lost, but hey, we can't be good at everything, I'm happy with just being good at most things.

I promised Ross I would mention the fog again, because that's his favourite. On the way from the State of Origin to le Tour de France there was incredible fog, this was around 9.30 pm. I expected the fog to be more thick if anything at 2.00 am, but when I walked out it seemed to have completely cleared up. It was actually just a pocket of clear air, I hit the fog about two blocks away. Still insane, but not quite as thick as before.

I think that's it.

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